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About Charabin Seed Farm

We are a family owned and operated pedigreed seed and grain business that has been built through many generations of strong work ethic and the pursuit of excellence. We offer superior quality and outstanding customer service. 
Our Company

Charabin Seed Farm was established in 1967, and has continued to grow, expand and flourish ever since. CSF management pride themselves on their strong work ethic, positive work environment and sustainable agronomic practices. 

Meet Our Team 
Our History

Charabin Seed Farm was established in 1967 by Kenneth, Dorothy and Dale Charabin. Ken began growing registered seed in 1954 and set up his first seed cleaning plant in 1967 on the home farm. In 1970, Ken, Dorothy (Ken's wife) and Dale (Ken's son) built a new seed cleaning plant and continued as select seed growers. 

Outback GPS Dealer

Charabin Seed Farm is proud to be a long time dealer for Outback Guidance. In 2000, CSF became one of the first Guidance GPS dealers in Canada.

Our knowledgeable staff can help you determine the best product to suit your needs and to answer any questions you may have about the Outback GPS Systems. 

To read more about Outback Guidance Systems click here. 

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