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Our History

Charabin Seed Farm was established in 1967 by Kenneth, Dorothy and Dale Charabin. Ken began growing registered seed in 1954 and set up his first seed cleaning plant in 1967 on the home farm. In 1970, Ken, Dorothy (Ken's wife) and Dale (Ken's son) built a new seed cleaning plant and continued working as select seed growers. 

It all began when Ken's parents, Fred and Pauline, bought their first farm in 1926 near Brada. Ken finished Grade 10 in 1940 and when two quarters of the 3/4 section farm was part of the block of land chosen by the Department of National Deference as a site for Brada airport, Ken's plans for his future changed. Rather than finishing school, it was necessary for Ken to go into partnership with his father on another farm purchased nearby. The farm expanded and flourished and after two years out of school, Ken decided he would not complete his high school education, but rather enhanced his knowledge by attending university. Pursuing his passion, Ken attended the University School of Agriculture course. Ken began full time farming in 1947 and began marketing their seed in 1954. Ken had been a member of the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool for more than 30 years and served as the director of Saskatchewan Canola Growers for North Battleford. 

The passion Ken had for farming is definitely a family trait. His sons Dale and Tim followed in their father's footsteps. Dale joined Ken and Dorothy and built a new seed cleaning plant in 1970. Tim joined them in 1988 when he convocated from the University of Saskatchewan. In the years that followed, Dale`s wife Lynn and Tim`s wife Tracey were instrumental in the success of the farm.


Dale loves to work with his hands and has been known to invent various types of machinery, including co-inventing header reverses and his own banding knife for fertilizer. Tim also loved to farm and followed the tradition of providing quality seed to farmers with his deep knowledge and amazing customer service that brought out his quick witted charm. Tim has also been recognized as an outstanding sales person multiple times for selling GPS systems. 

Throughout the generations, Tim's statement, "If it's in your blood, it's in your blood" has continued to ring true as farming has continued to be a large part Dale and Tim's sons' lives.  Dale's son Neil began full time farming after graduating in 1996. After convocating from the College of Agriculture at the University of Saskatchewan, Ryan began full time farming in 2004. Tim's sons Eric, Daniel and Matthew, have also always been active members of the farm. Most recently, Eric has convocated from the College of Agriculture at the University of Saskatchewan, Daniel is pursing welding/fabricating apprenticeship, and Matthew is apprenticing as an agricultural mechanic. 

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