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Feeding the World 

One Seed at a Time 

Products and Services

Quality seed is the essential starting point to a successful crop. We understand that in a business where many uncontrollable risk factors directly affect profits, we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality seed which in turn reduces risk and supports a successful harvest.  

Charabin Seed Farm offers a variety of quality products and services. Our knowledgeable, qualified and friendly staff are always available to assist with your needs.

News & Upcoming Events

Welcome to our website! We would love any feedback about our new site and look forward to serving you! 

What’s New For Fall 2023

Currently Testing

AAC Darby VB -HRS wheat (-5 maturity)

AAC Hassler -HRS wheat (-5 maturity)

AAC Juluis-Yellow Pea

Available Fall 2024

Good Supply of New Varieties

AAC Hodge VB

AAC Hockley

CDC Silas

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